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Mayors and city agencies are leading the way

Parks contribute towards multiple city goals – they can improve housing conditions, reduce urban heat islands, lower pollution, support economic development, and improve resident health and wellness. By working across city agencies, mayors and city staff can leverage the many benefits of parks.

“We have an amazing parks department, an amazing parks superintendent, an amazing recreation department, an amazing recreation director and staff, amazing communities, but when we work separately, it takes and an incredible amount of time and resources. When we’re all connected through the partnership, WOW, it’s magic!”
Helene, Lead Organizer, P3

We’re here to help

We know this work is not easy. We have heard across the country that cities need resources, political support, funding, best practices, and strategies to close the park equity divide in their respective contexts.

The 10-Minute Walk Program can help cities address these issues.

Where can cities start?

There are some key steps that cities can take to work towards closing the park equity divide. The 10-Minute Walk Program has compiled tools and resources to help with each of these steps:

  • Engage Community Members
  • Use Data to Identify Priorities for Action
  • Adopt Policies to Address Park Equity
  • Identify Funding for Your Work
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