National Walk to a Park Day

National Walk to a Park Day is a day to celebrate the parks we have and draw attention to the parks we need. We’re here to help you spread the word and encourage people to share their appreciation for parks. 

From October 3 until October 14, we're celebrating #WalktoAParkDay and encourage you to celebrate along with us: walk to your favorite park, attend a local 5K run or walk, encourage your local park leaders to prioritize park equity.

Why is your local park so important?

The 10-Minute Walk teams knows that the best way to inspire city leaders, parks professionals, and your neighbors, friends and family is to share why your local parks are so important. Do they provide restorative benefits? Do they keep you healthy and fit? Are they an oasis in your otherwise busy day? Parks are critical infrastructure and the more we can make parks more accessible to all, the better.

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Let's promote local activities!

We are looking forward to promoting local activity. Press conferences talking about work your city is doing to bridge the park equity gap, or local events in parks that emphasize the need to open space, or a local 5K run or walk, all can be helpful in promoting National Walk to a Park Day. If you have any events, press conferences, park openings, or anything you’d like to share, please reach out. Let us know at

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Share in the celebration!

We encourage everyone to take a walk to their park between 10/3 and 10/14 and share in the celebration. And don’t forget to take some photos and selfies from your walk to your local park and tag us @10minwalk on Twitter and #WalktoAParkDay!

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Download the event flier and toolkit so you, your city, and organization can celebrate with us!

Reach out at for more information.