We are all about parks for people

The 10-Minute Walk Program helps cities expand access and green spaces for everyone.

Our mission

Everyone in U.S. cities should have access to a quality park within a 10-minute walk of their home. We call on mayors to accelerate the creation of parks that drive equitable, healthy and thriving communities.

Closing the park equity divide

1 in 3 U.S. Residents

do not have a park or green space within a 10-minute walk of home.

100 million people

including 28 million children do not have access to parks.

Parks serving a majority of people of color are, on average, half as large and serve nearly five times more people as parks that serve a majority-white population. And parks serving primarily low-income households are, on average, four times smaller than parks that serve a majority of high-income households.


Commit to Parks

Collaborating with city leaders across the nation

Mayors and city agencies are leading the way in a broader re-visioning of our cities and positioning parks as critical infrastructure to improve quality of life and support a healthy and equitable future. Changes requiring parks and play spaces as part of housing and development projects increases access to greenspaces. Likewise, nature-based solutions to protect from flooding and heat help cities become stronger and more resilient. Park equity requires looking at who does and does not have access to the benefits of parks, and prioritizing investments where it is needed the most. Advancing park equity is a step mayors are taking towards creating equitable, healthy, and thriving communities.

Join over 300 10-Minute Walk committed mayors, and learn how we can support you in this work.


Work Together

Collaborating for park equity

We know it takes a team to create equitable and thriving communities. We are proud to work with national and community partners including those in federal and state agencies, city leadership, municipal planning, engineering, parks and recreation, the arts, private development, public health, education, non-profits, and more to advance park equity.

The 10-Minute Walk Program was launched in 2017 with Founding Partners: