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The 10-Minute Walk Program works with cities and partners to prioritize park equity.



of all sizes, across 49 states have made the 10-Minute Walk Commitment



have adopted a city-wide policy to increase 10-minute walk park access for all residents


non-profit partners

were funded by the 10-Minute Walk Program to engage community members, activate parks, and increase park access



are participating in the 10-Minute Walk Community of Practice Peer Learning Network



of the 100 most populous cities improved 10-minute walk access in the past year


billion dollars

secured for parks with assistance from TPL

“This park was shut down. Merino Park was completely closed off. This was an abandoned mill, and Riverside, on the other side, was burned to the ground. It’s good to come out here because it’s a good reminder. It feels kind of awesome. This park has never looked this good in the 20 years I’ve been working with it.”
Lisa, Woonsquatucket River
Watershed Council

Local Impacts

Over 300 cities across the U.S. have committed to prioritizing park equity and providing more residents with a quality park or green space within a 10-minute walk distance of home.


Pittsburgh, PA

The City of Pittsburgh has made parks a priority. Former Mayor Bill Peduto made the 10-Minute Walk Commitment in 2018, and established the goal of every resident living within a 10-minute walk of a park by 2030. This focus on parks is helping the city achieve its larger goal of providing all Pittsburghers access to equitable, economically thriving, safe, and healthy spaces.

The city has taken action to improve access with the city’s first comprehensive resiliency strategy, OnePGH, which aims to collaborate with local nonprofits and corporations to fund support for critical public needs.

Community engagement has been an important part of the city’s parks initiative. The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, in partnership with the city, engaged community members, focusing especially on residents in underserved neighborhoods, to help the city develop a park improvement plan that meets the needs of community members. Additionally, Pittsburgh is establishing a stewardship program to share ownership of parks and greenspaces with community members. Hazelwood Greenway Stewardship Group received grant support from TPL’s 10-Minute Walk Program to begin building out this network, which will provide education, resources, and opportunities for sharing between groups. Through written policy, funding, and community engagement efforts, the City of Pittsburgh is making access to high quality parks for all residents a reality.

10-Minute Walk Champion Cities:

Advancing Park Equity Across the Country

Los Angeles, CA

Mayor Eric Garcetti has prioritized park equity and access. With a goal of 100% park access by 2050 established in the 2019 New Green Deal, Mayor Garcetti further elevated the role of parks by establishing an Executive Directive that prioritized park equity. Already, park access has increased from 53% to 64% with the opening of 37 parks and investments in park improvements.

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Denver, CO

The Mile-High City is doubling down on parks with a new $1 billion finance measure to connect people to parks in areas that need them most.

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Atlanta, GA

Community groups worked directly with the Office of Former Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, the Atlanta school district, and Atlanta’s park department to open schoolyards after hours to serve as community parks. Opening community schoolyards will increase Atlanta’s 10-minute walk access to parks by 13%.

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Memphis, TN

Mayor Jim Strickland has incorporated the target of 100% park access by 2040 in the Memphis 3.0 Comprehensive Plan, specifically in relation to the plan’s Connected Corridors and Communities goal.

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Tacoma, WA

Mayor Victoria Woodards and Tacoma’s Metropolitan Park District are working together to achieve an ambitious goal of 90% park access by 2023, using green schoolyards and improving connections to existing parks and green spaces.

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Camden, NJ

Camden, NJ engaged nearly 500 people to develop the Camden Parks Plan, which will advance Mayor Frank Moran’s goal of putting safe, quality outdoor spaces within a 10-minute walk of every Camden citizen by 2050. Camden unlocked more space for parks by using GIS data to identify areas with high park need and green infrastructure investment, and partnered with the local utility agency to expand their park system and advance climate goals.

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