Park Equity Accelerator

The 10-Minute Walk Program works with mayors and other city leaders to advance park equity. We identify, test, and share high-impact policies and advanced practices that narrow the park equity divide.

Advancing policy and systems change to increase park equity

The 10-Minute Walk Park Equity Accelerator (PEA) provides focused resources and technical assistance, partnership, and education to help cities move the needle on park equity. These focused, local engagements field-test policy ideas, gather real-world insights on the process of change, and gather learnings that can be scaled to benefit other communities. The Accelerator supports cities as they pilot new ways of increasing park equity. It also identifies lessons learned and shareable examples that will drive learning and innovation in other cities.

10MW Park Equity Accelerator Cities

Advancing Park Equity Across the Country


Partnered with the City to develop a standardized community engagement process for park development, management, and improvement.

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Cleveland, OH

Conducted a conditions analysis of all city parks that will inform a new equity-based capital allocation model that TPL advised on.

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Fort Worth, TX

Analyzed non-traditional and publicly-owned land available in the city that could be converted to parks.

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Lexington, KY

Conducted case-making research for a policy that would increase the quality of privately-developed greenspace.

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Los Angeles, CA

Supported the development of an equitable development strategy for a park to mitigate gentrification and displacement.

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Scranton, PA

Analyzed the connectivity between city neighborhoods and parks.

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Scranton, PA

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"More than ever before, we see our city parks as being critical for not only recreation, but for physical and mental health. The 10-Minute Walk program's Park Equity Accelerator program offers the City of Scranton an opportunity to provide incredible green spaces throughout the city and make sure all residents share the resources."
Mayor Paige G. Cognetti
Scranton, PA