We’re inspiring and enabling action to create a world in which 100% of people in U.S. cities—large and small—have safe access to a quality park or green space within a 10-minute walk of home by 2050.

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We’re building a nationwide movement to improve access to parks & green spaces, while transforming communities, and getting people to the places where they live some of their best moments.

Make the 100% Promise to ensure that everyone in your city has safe, easy access to a quality park within a 10-minute walk of home by 2050.

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Our Research

As the coronavirus pandemic has impacted millions across the country, we’ve seen how much value people place on getting outside and enjoying fresh air at local parks, beaches, and greenspaces.

A recent national survey of 1,000 people in the U.S. conducted by PSB Research on behalf of 10 Minute Walk reveals just how crucial these spaces are right now for maintaining physical and mental health, and how much of a role they’ll play as the country navigates a recovery. The survey found:

While people agree that parks and green spaces are valuable, particularly now, millions in U.S. cities lack safe, easy access . Over 100 million people across the country, including 28 million children, don’t have a park within a 10-minute walk of home.

As we look to recovery and leaders make tough decisions around key services and infrastructure, we must remember that parks and green spaces are a critical community resource that must be maintained, improved, and expanded. They shouldn’t be considered luxuries, but necessities for creating healthier and stronger places to live, certainly now, and for many years to come.

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* PSB Research conducted online interviews among n=1,000 American adults age 18+ (nationwide) from May 13-14, 2020. The overall margin of error is +/- 3.10% at the 95% confidence level and larger for subgroups. Some percentages may total more or less than 100% due to rounding.