Parks are Essential to Quality of Life.

Explore Top Strategies for Creating Healthy, Vibrant Communities with High-Quality Parks

Cities Are The Leading Edge of Change
I have a priority to create policies and standards that are long lasting, that any mayor who comes next will want to adopt and keep the torch going further, because that’s how you protect our open space and our parkland and then speed up investment.”
— Mayor Mattie Parker,  Fort Worth,  TX
The 10-Minute Walk®  program is developing and sharing effective and innovative strategies from across the nation, available to anyone able to enact change in their city, county, town, village and community.
“Parks add value to cities. There are economic, environmental, community and public health benefits that parks provide, but they also increase the liveability and vibrancy of our cities.”
– Mayor Matt Pacifico,  Altoona,  PA